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A hidden wonderland in Dharamshala: Kareri Lake

It is always recommended to not to travel Himalyas in Monsoon because mountains are very delicate as they go through rockfall, mudslides, landslides etc. It was the time of the year when the India was experiencing the heavy rainfall in monsoon and I was so desperate to travel somewhere in the mountains. Dharamshala is the closest and most famous Hill Station and It's likely to be my second home because I've been there a lot of times. Most of the treks were already closed so we didn't have an idea where to go. I know a guy named Sunny from Mcleodganj who is a very helpful and a very nice person. He recommended us the Kareri Trek to be the safest and open trek for the running monsoon. Though I never prefer to take a guide with me but this time, I was accompanied with some of my friends who were doing trek for the first time and It was monsoon so I was really concerned about their safety, So, we hired a guide named Sashi who was also very helpful and nice person.

Before I start my whole trip brief, I would like to let you know that this trip costs me 3000 Individually including travel expenses, food expenses and the tents and sleeping bags we rented along with the guide we hired. Considering we were 7 people and the cost was divided evenly among all and We hired our own traveller from Chandigarh to Kareri with for 2 Nights and 2 Days. We left Chandigarh at night so that we can spend the whole day treking. I travel journey at night because It can save your day that you can spend exploring places.

Ghera Village

So, This was my first visit to Kareri Lake. To reach Kareri, You have to travel to Ghera Village from Dharamshala. You can reach Ghera either by taking a route from Dharamshala or you can take the route from Dharamshala bypass while comping from Mcleodganj. You can hire a Jeep from Dharamshala to Ghera which will cost you around 500 Rupees. Though we had our own convenience so we continued in our Vehicle. In Ghera, you can find 1-2 small shops from where you can buy food item and they can offer you some maggi or food at night.

Ghera Village is around 18Km from Dharamshala and It could take around 2 hours for you to reach because the road is really congested and dangereous. Kareri Trek is about 12KM from Ghera village and is of moderate Difficulty. The Trek starts from Ghera Village to Kareri Village and from Kareri Village to Kareri Lake. You can follow this map.

Kareri Village

The Kareri Lake Trek is very beautiful because You will be accompanied by the dense forests and contineously flowing fresh water stream coming right from the Dahuladhars. This is one of the beautiful Treks I've ever done.

On the way to kareri you will find a lot of local shops along the trail from where you can find eatables like biscuits, maggi and a hot cup of tea. During monsoosns these shops also offers raincoats and rainproof shield but It's always best to carry your own beforehand. We encountered a heavy snowfall on our way to kareri and that halted our trek for around 1.5 hour. At one moment I wasn't not sure whether we would be able to continue further or not but the weather at mountains is really unpredictable and sun started to shine again. Then in an hour sun disappeared again and the whole forest hid in the dense fog and It was giving a beautiful view of the trail.

After 6 hours we reached at Kareri Lake and sun was about to set in coupleo of hours so we decided to setup our camps and then walk around. The Kareri Lake is beautiful in its own way. The best view you will get at sunset when the golden sun covered mountains reflect in the lake right in front of you.

You can have your dinner at kareri at the 2 available shops. They can prepare you delicious rice and dal and they also offer home made pickel which is very tasety. If you are feeling cold, They can offer you some extra blanket too. People are really nice and helpful.

The Morning

Morning at Kareri Lake is very beautiful. The lake looks very beautiful with the rising sun.

To Explore kareri you can take a walk around lake and explore the woods and forest nearby. You will feel so refreshing by taking a morning walk around the lake. It is so big that it might take around a hour to cover the whole lake walking around.

After roaming around for a while and having our breakfast, we descended back to Ghera village. On our way back down we enjoyed the beauty of Kareri Trail.

A trip is incomplete without having an open bath. We did it this time too.

Overall, the trail to Kareri is much beautiful than the destination itself but nature can always surprise you in it's own way. The best part of of a journey is to enjoy it whetever you are presented with.

Mountains are sensitive. Keep them clean and beautiful. Carry your litter back witho you always while coming back down. Keep mountain as they are meant to be "Clean and Beautiful"

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